We have LoRaWAN gateways, we have built sensor nodes, and now we will connect the hardware and software to create a complete IoT solution. Following a step-by-step workshop guide developed by community expert Frank Beks, that will cover The Things Network LoRaWAN, Node Red and ESP8266 WiFi. We will connect the sensor, the node, the back-end cloud service, data storage and display, mobile connection and motor control.

This workshop is aimed at all community members, whether you have previously built your own TTN node or not. No hardware soldering required.

To follow the workshop you will need to bring your own hardware and software. Detailed information can be found here

If you built your node at the last workshop the additional hardware needed for this workshop can be found here

Want to join without bringing your own hardware? Everyone is welcome but it will be more fun to build. There will be a limited number of Nodes available to enable a few individuals (or small groups) to follow the workshop using their own laptops. Please contact the organizers for more information.

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Internet of Things Meet-up

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