What happens when the client is a citizen within an urban development? How might they apply modern technology to improve their environment? How might their ideal form of mobility look for example? How will they buy groceries in their ideal city? What level of security and privacy they are looking for and what resources will they find acceptable? All these questions and more were addressed by the Civic City project, a collaboration between NPK Design, LUSTlab and info.nl together with the citizens of Woensel West in Eindhoven

“Our version of the ‘Smart City’, with the difference being that technology is not a goal but a means, and not the industry but the public is in the driver seat” www.civiccity.nl



17.30    Arduino + with Hans Crijns

Doors open at 17.30 for informal talking and hands-on Arduino for those who want to get started with Arduino or have specific questions/ideas they want to share or work on. Bring your own Arduino and electronics (we have a few) and a laptop if you want to participate. (depending on how many join straight from work we can also together arrange for pizza etc. to keep us going)


19.00   Civic City with Iskander Smit

Around 19.00 we will welcome our presenter for the evening Iskander Smit, Strategy Director at info.nl who will present the Civic City project 


19.30    Demo and talks

Demonstration of Civic City Prototype and open discussion on engaging citizens in urban developments, building prototypes and approaches to ‘smart city’ innovation.


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